We’re on day three of the Arab Health 2018 medical expo in Dubai’s World Trade Centre. Today we want to highlight one of the reasons we’re here: Within the Middle Eastern healthcare industry, there’s a general acceptance of innovation and the power of technology.

Whereas being the first to adopt a new technology or behavior often results in fear and ultimately too high a risk factor, the Middle East has an understanding that in order to keep up with technology, it’s essential to embrace it. It’s a mindset that seems to ask, “what’s next and how can we support that?”.

DIRTT’s technology-backed approach to custom prefab construction is a perfect fit: it’s fast, clean, precise, adaptable, and offers a high-quality solution that matches expectations start to finish. Plus, in a region where access to skilled trades is a common challenge, DIRTT’s offsite manufacturing eases that issue. With this approach, components arrive on the job-site already cut to precise dimensions and with elements such as power, networks and plumbing in place, ready for install. Projects can continue on schedule without worry of skilled labor shortage and without issues stemming from inconsistencies.

Here are a few images from our Middle Eastern partner, NMG, showing healthcare projects throughout the region.

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