The meaning of build better extends far beyond the initial construction of a space. It’s the entire building process from start to finish. It’s also everything that comes after the initial build, including how you use your space throughout its life-cycle and beyond.

We’re on the final day of Arab Health 2018 and tear-down will begin in just a few hours. We’ll share images of what’s happening; we know to expect heaps of drywall and other waste from those around us. DIRTT’s technology-backed approach eliminates that. Be sure to check back here over the next day for a snapshot of what building better looks like when it comes to taking down a space and preparing it for re-use… not the landfill.

Here, lead DIRTTbag Mogens Smed compares DIRTT’s sustainable methods against the conventional methods surrounding us at Arab Health. How much of an impact could this method have on your own projects and sustainability goals?