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Anything new we’re exploring but may not see the light of day.

Pillow talk

Looking for a smart, cozy and multi-purpose bed? Look no further…our Millwork team has been experimenting with an ultra compact double bed that folds out of a chest of drawers. This prototype is still being put through its paces but would  work very well in very small layouts when our larger imbedded solution doesn’t fit.

Dragon scale tiles

Our interconnecting metal roof and siding tiles don’t just look cool, they leverage the many performance advantages of galvanized metal, an extremely durable material containing a mix of zinc and aluminum. This makes our tiles resistant to rust, the elements and fire. They also have exceptional heat reflection properties, which help maximize interior comfort while lowering energy loads on buildings. Our dragon scale tiles are more corrosion-resistant than galvanized steel and contain recycled metal. Coated or left bare, our tiles have an excellent performance track record and are built to last like the legendary creature they’re named after.