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A star is born

What makes this mezzanine timber structure so impressive is its geometric design, which does not require a central support column. Instead, interlinked cross-braces help stiffen the star structure and add additional floor support as the center ring locks the eight truss assemblies together. Free-standing and completely scalable, our mezzanine structures are designed to your specific needs. Built with engineered timber and manufactured in our factories,  they arrive onsite, ready to turn lost real estate into a beautiful, usable space.

Imagine the possibilities with DIRTT Touch Tiles

We are constantly innovating. It’s what we do to develop more solutions that enhance your comfort and efficiency and are convenient too. Our latest development, DIRTT Touch tiles leverages capacitive touch technology to trigger various functions, quickly and easily. With one touch, you can turn lights on or off or activate a sound file.  Its potential applications in healthcare, education, commercial, residential settings and beyond are limitless.

X-Ray Viewer Touch Control Tile

A laser-etched acrylic tile with imbedded LEDs is laminated to create a diffuser lens for even lighting. A bezel around the tile holds an X-ray film; the surface is also magnetic. Healthcare providers can turn the viewer light on or off with a single touch, or touch and hold the tile to activate a dimmer. The bespoke X-ray Viewer tile is a custom solution created for the Arab Health 2016 exhibition and DIRTT’s Beirut Green Learning Center (GLC).

Interactive Willow Glass Panel

This Willow Glass tile, in DIRTT’s Calgary Green Learning Center Sound Lab, has two sensors for touch control. One controls LED lights imbedded in the space between the tiles while a second activates a recorded message. Other options include configuring the tile to record, play, or upload messages – and the opportunities to put this technology to work in other ways to support your unique needs.