Pillow talk

Looking for a smart, cozy and multi-purpose bed? Look no further…our Millwork team has been experimenting with an ultra compact double bed that folds out of a chest of drawers. This prototype is still being put through its paces but would  work very well in very small layouts when our larger imbedded solution doesn’t fit.

A star is born

What makes this mezzanine timber structure so impressive is its geometric design, which does not require a central support column. Instead, interlinked cross-braces help stiffen the star structure and add additional floor support as the center ring locks the eight truss assemblies together. Free-standing and completely scalable, our mezzanine structures are designed to your specific needs. Built with engineered timber and manufactured in our factories,  they arrive onsite, ready to turn lost real estate into a beautiful, usable space.

Dragon scale tiles

Our interconnecting metal roof and siding tiles don’t just look cool, they leverage the many performance advantages of galvanized metal, an extremely durable material containing a mix of zinc and aluminum. This makes our tiles resistant to rust, the elements and fire. They also have exceptional heat reflection properties, which help maximize interior comfort while lowering energy loads on buildings. Our dragon scale tiles are more corrosion-resistant than galvanized steel and contain recycled metal. Coated or left bare, our tiles have an excellent performance track record and are built to last like the legendary creature they’re named after.

Magog Meadows Green Roof

While hiking in the meadow surrounding Lake Magog at the base of Mount Assiniboine, Alberta—Mogens Smed, DIRTT CEO saw swaths of ground cover upturned by bears searching for food. Instead of running for cover, he took a closer look at the plants and was struck by how little soil they needed to survive. This, and several other observations became the inspiration for one of our most innovative experiments yet, a green roof.

A blend of sedums and alpine flowers were planted in modular honeycomb boxes on the roof of our mezzanine timber structure in Calgary. Our main goal was to see if we could successfully mimic nature. We also wanted to enhance the view from our second floor office space overlooking the timber structure and highlight its beauty with a feature that created a greater sense of well being.