DIRTT for every industry

Not in the healthcare sector? Doesn’t matter. DIRTT’s Arab Health build isn’t just a testament to the benefits of DIRTT’s approach for healthcare. It speaks to the multiple efficiencies brought to construction as a whole. Every solution used in our space here in Dubai reflects DIRTT’s DNA: the ability to evolve and integrate with old and new, and the ability to work in diverse applications. This is the foundation of building better.

Let’s dive deeper.
DIRTT wasn’t created to disrupt healthcare, specifically. Instead, our goal is to help improve the entire construction process for the greater good. To bring you a better building experience. To take away the headaches that traditional construction is known for.

With adaptable solutions that work in all types of environments and all types of applications. Think building blocks that form tailored spaces. But these building blocks are multi-functional in their essence. Fluid. Flexible. All components are made-to-measure to fit your space, no matter what that looks like. From commercial spaces and learning environments to residential applications.

Versatility in action.
Below is a prime example of how our solutions in the Arab Health build apply to very different environments. A true testament to that DIRTT DNA!

The DIRTT timber honeycomb aesthetic at this year’s Arab Health
DIRTT Timber honeycomb aesthetic: Healthcare application at Arab Health

Stay tuned for more examples as our build takes shape!