Whew – what a time it’s been in Dubai for Arab Health 2018. From our DIRTT and NMG teams: Thank you for following the build and learning more about how we can build better together.

Loads of visitors came through the space during the public show to learn about this method of construction and how it can support their own project goals. ICEreality blew people away. Another highlight? Speed of install. We broke our own record by installing the space in just three days! The best part of that is being able to show YOU (yes, you) a glimpse of what’s possible with this type of construction.

Here’s a recap:

  • 3600 square-foot, turn-key medical clinic.
  • The build took three days from start to finish (powered up and functional, minus plumbing).
  • State-of-the-art healthcare interior featured a patient-focused lower level with spaces for varying acuity levels, and a doctor/staff-focused upper level.
  • A two-level timber frame structure was used as the foundation and main frame for the clinic. It was unloaded and standing in less than 4 hours. And just later that morning, the structure was also supporting framing and other infrastructure.
  • The space was designed in the USA and manufactured in Canada. Thanks to the power and precision of ICE technology, all elements fit together perfectly on site in Dubai.
  • During the show, we unveiled a new extension of ICEreality that explored the possibility of having individuals in different locations tour a space together virtually to make design decisions.
  • Elements of the space are re-purposed each year for use by DIRTT and NMG in the next Arab Health show.

See it: